The Run Around

It's been more than cold lately.. I use to be the one to say " Omg!! I can't wait until winter comes " but living in New York is a whole different story when it comes to winter. (lol) Nevertheless I had such a great day did some shopping, ran into a few old friends. Living in New York has been such a great experience, but it's definitely time to get back to work, it;s been forever and I'm ready to start this year after a little better with some amazing collaborations for the new year. 

Today I wanted to have a 90's kind of vibe. I wore this kind of crop like biker jacket ( by the way I love biker jackets ) I attached a fur to at the collar, which I thought would make the jacket look even better. Also wore this multicolored gecko short sleeve button up it reminded me so much of Miami Vice. One of my favorite shows growing up to watch. I such a big thrift store shopper love thrift stores and little vintage shops, I always find some of the best pieces like these over sized acid washed jeans and I was wearing some like colored blocks cream and hot pink gloves and ass you can see I tried to much some HICKIES I got recently.


Red Beanie
Biker Jacket- Thrifted
Gecko Button Up- Thrifted
Acid Washed jeans- Thrifted

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