We all know spring/summer is coming around and I have been looking for the perfect shoe and also sandal . I wanted to find something that was funky but simple. Seeing that I can never find anything in the stores I want , I decide to look online which is something I rarely ever do. I just hate waiting on shipments but nonetheless I took to one of the biggest sites I hear so much about here are a few of picks from my wishlist for spring/summer picks.

Bernhard Willhelm X Camper $189.95

My First pick was the 18886 MENS Khaki Pink sandal by Bernard Willhelm x Camper such a great colabartion model after the Himalaya sneakers another must have I need in my life. This is such a great fashion forward spring summer sandal from the colors to the springy 1ich platform.

ALexander By YES $144.95

Alex! Alex! Alex! The Alexander by YES now I think this is such a great shoe for one simple minimal and gets straight to the point in it's rich details from the shinny cap toe, to the luge soles which I love.

Topman $89.95

Spring/Summer definitely is going to be such a great time for the running style type shoe and also color thats why I went with The TMD Runner by Topman this simple kinda of funky camo detail sole print sneaker will definitely come in handy as well for all is walking I know I will be doing this summer :(. And why wouldn't i get these there on sale  and I love a good sale.

TIP Mens $139.95

Let's TIP threw spring and summer with the TIP MENS by YES. I see more and more men getting into more details and also colors when it comes to shoe's now and especial a dressy type shoe. Such a great pick from the yellow patent leather to the little air vents all around the shoe and this platform sole love it.

The Damned $99.95

I definitely wanna slip it on this spring/summer with The Hawk open weave slip on by THE DAMNED great price and also in the classic loafer style as well. I think every men should have one pair this spring/summer such an easy grab and go shoe.
K.T.Z. $409.95
Closing my wishlist with the Digital Patchwork Sandal by K.T.Z. ugh!! One of my favorite brands. This 90s punk shoe is for sure one I would LOVE to have in my closet. is definitely my new place to shop for fashionable shoe's and they also have reasonable prices and great sales. What more do you need.


  1. Why Do I Love That Last Sandal!!

    1. Cause K.T.Z. is such an amazing brand love them