Man Of The Hour

Lets Talk About the man of the hour Pharrell Williams!! Who has the music and fashion industry in a up roar. Mr. Williams has been GIVING IT TO US LEFT AND RIGHT. Dropping his second studio album "GIRLS" , Covering next month issue of GQ (which is one of my favorite covers to date), collaborating with not one or two but four major brands like Comme des Garcon for a new fragrance called "GIRLS", Moncler for a line of sunglasses called "Bullet Proof Vest" (campaign below), also G-Star for a line of jeans called " RAW Of The Ocean " due out Aug 15 and Unqilo for a Hat and tshirt line. I can't with this dude. This is why I love Pharrell this man works and won't stop working. He just picked up another great collaboration with ADIDAS which I can't wait to see.  I love Pharrell and I love Adidas.

photo credit: , GQ

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