Flash back : Happy Birthday to me

Sunday March 2nd 2014 I celebrated the best night of my life.  I know Everyone pretty much saids this but birthdays get better and better with age every year, you learn to apperciate them more.  I had such a great birthday from earlier in the day from all the social media love from my friends and family, from all the nice collages people posted of me, and even the song gramsI got from people. I got a little of everything this :) . Honestly birthday's let you know how much people really care for you.

My bday wasnt over just yet, I planed a nice dinner with a few of my close friends from back home in Atlanta and also few new ones in New York at Spice restaurant in Union Square. Me and my friends always come here for a nice little launch and even dinner. If you a fan of good , reasonable priced Tai food then get over to spice now lol. The night was full of good conversations and food. I was honestly scared to have a dinner cause I didn't know if anyone would come seeing that I was new to nyc and didn't have many friends and seeing that Monday was work load day I just knew no one was coming but everyone made it.

I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves and thank you all for coming and helping me celebrate my birthday with me. I would posted these in color but I always want my bday to be a classic moment in time. Until the next time.

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