I had the chance to attend Photographer Sam Polcer ( release party at the Redbeard Bikes his new publish book called "New York Bike Style" with one of my dear friends Rashad Benton of ( I met Sam back last summer at the North-side Festival in Brookyln by my surprise he remembered me and Rashad which was crazy but a good thing.

The book signing was such a great turn out for him. I thought the book was amazing featuring stylish people and also different bike types around New York. I never heard of something like this and people actually buying it and mostly everyone in the room had a copy of it so dope congratulations Sam definitely would love to be apart of it the next time definitely will be getting a bike soon :).

 Mister dapper himself Rashad Benton.

Rashad , Sam Polcer and me.

I know it's been forever since you seen my face really but my look was very chill and laid back, plus it was raining I hate the rain :(. I wore a Chuck Original floral snap back with an oversized mustard sweater over a flannel pajama shirt and a Giorgio Armani parka with some DIY ripped jeans (love distressed denim). Another thing I actually love is Adidas I decided to dip into some of my old sneakers from high school and pulled out these colorful babies and as you can see I'm wearing some of my favorite elastic laces HICKIES.

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