So it's been pretty much a month since my move back to Atlanta and things have been looking good lately.

On this day I got out and about, even though it was a little grey outside that didn't stop me. My day started with going to the movies seeing " No Good Deed " which is a really good movie you must see. Also linked up with a friend of mine also my photographer for the day Terrance Crowley .

What I wore for the day was my black Homburg hat I got at Forever 21. I always been a fan of forever21 accessories , I also wore this throwback Basketball red, white, and black stripe V neck Jersey I thrifted from Park Ave Thirft store outlet. Definitely check them out they have the best prices in the city of Woodstock. I pieced them with some black H&M skinny jeans and my Adidas Slvr black and white High Tops. Can't stop wearing these.