Over Already

I'm honestly hard at saying goodbyes , but ugh! I'm going to miss you summer you ended so fast. Honestly making this move back to Atlanta was no help cuz with the last few weeks it has been washing summer competely away with this on and off rain. Lol Nonetheless this has been a earlier year for everything so hello fall. I actaully feel my style comes alive during the fall and I love laying everything and wearing coats.

With my look on this day, I wanted to keep up this black and white week I've been doing lately. I went with being a little dressey but still me. I decided to wear this all white bomber jacket I never actaully really wear. I thrifted this and a few other cool bomber jackets like this about three years ago. I also wore a top hat which was also thrifted. I wore the sleeveless black button up I pieced with a crop top from H&M . I not really a big fan of all black looks , I just feel the are to plain a reason why I always go for more detailed things when it comes to black and thats why I went with these detailed knee pants from H&M I also got them on sale , H&M alwayshas some the best sale items at times. I finished my look off with these shinny patent leather while sole loafers.

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