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Hey guys,

I'm pretty sure you all may hate me by now cause I just keep coming & going or you could be waiting for what's to come. :) I didn't really announce it but if you do follow me via instagram.com/askiaabdull you may have been catching the little hints I have been dropping lately.

Since I've moved back to Atlanta I've been waiting to do a whole revamp of my blog & also just me , I've learning so much over the years of blogging ( I say years like I've been blogging all my life lol) & styling , I think it's time for me to move on from blogspot & get into wordpress. I've been getting everything together from graphics to shoots etc. it's time for something new & I'm ready to make this comeback . I miss you guys....

In other news I have been pulling inspiration from everywhere, which is one of the reasons I can't wait to make this comeback.
Recently I had the chance to actually go to my very first museum in Atlanta a week back & thought I should share it with you all. It's crazy that its the first museum I've been to after living here for almost 13 years. The High museum is one of Atlanta's great tourist spots to see. I also pulled so much inspiration from all the art there as,well for future looks & also shoots I may wanna do in time but nonetheless check out the dope pix I took.

After the Museum we ended our day at Henrys in midtown a nice little brunch/dinner spot to eat & have drinks.

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