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I have been pass over due to feature someone on My Life & Fashion and with that being said I came across a talented cartoonist by the name of Latif Trice on instagram ( @_lateeth ). I am obsessed with the illustrations of celebrities (lol) he draws. So I thought to myself why not feature him he's amazing and he gets better every post.
It's crazy how perfectly detailed Latif is at what he does and as you can see from images we have love for some of the same musicual artist like Pharrell, Rihanna and Andre 3000 few of my Style Icons of my time. Well enough of me talking I'll let Latif give you the 411.

Introduce yourself to my readers
My name is Latif MaQuam Trice, I'm from Philadelphia Pennsylvania
I'm a lover art and fashion. Mostly art. I been drawing since I was in kindergarten. My teacher knew I was going to be an artist when I drew a picture of myself in the garden and it actually looked like me. Which is weird because I thought I was going to be a basketball player. No I don't play any sports now. I find it boring. In the fifth grade I moved on to drawing on the computer using Microsoft paint. I just love drawing people on it. I also want to become a fashion illustrator because I'm a project runway junkie and I love drawing models. I went to a two year college and studied animation that didn't work out for me plus it's a lot of work drawing frame by frame. Now I free lance and draw celebrities on Instagram @lateeth for inquires.


Wow!! That's great I knew would have known you played basketball to be honest. Also I definitely can see you sketching for some high end brands with all the good details you actually get. you have such a good eye.

Who are some artists that you pull inspiration from and describe your style of drawing ?

I have to say Bruce W. Smith the creator of Bebe kids and The Proud Family.

That's amazing, I actually was a big fan of The Proud Family and I can see the similarities.  

My drawing style is like amusement park caricature but not exaggerated on the head size. I love drawing medium size heads and tiny bodies.

I think it's so dope to see the big head tiny body cartoon celebrities. It's funny cause people like to tell me all the time I look this way (lol).

What separates you from other artist and who would you love to collaborate with on a drawing?

Well I try and pay really close attention to details and want to keep everything perfect and I also create all of my drawings using Microsoft paint.
I would love to collab with Hayden Williams I find his work beautiful.

Omg! I would love to see that as well you both are two different types of artists. He's another one of my favorites. 

Are you working on any interesting projects we should know about?

We'll I'm working on a winter magazine with project85. It's paying tribute to fashion designer Rick Owens. Everybody check it out! 

Can't wait to see the project definitely heard about this magazine. They are making some pretty major moves as well.

With that being said thanks for the Q&A Latif I'm pretty sure I'll see your drawing one day in major publications and many other interesting things.

You can find Latif Trice

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  1. This dude is brilliant and you're GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!