Crazy thing about Harlem is the fact that I live there but never really experienced it. I know I know your saying but " You live there why wouldn't you." I'm just always on the go and in the city. I decided to take to the streets and experience more of it. I found so many nice restaurants, parks and other little shops to shop at and finally got to see how beautiful Harlem is.

Oh! How I love denim. At one point of time in my life I only use to wear denim any and everywhere I went, I was obsessed. (lol) I wore a floral Chuck Originals hat I got from Century21 and my new wooden frames my friends over at Proof eyewear ( )sent me which I love, thank you. I also wore a Levis denim button up I got from a thrift store, yes I'm still a thrift store shopper. Thrift stores are like my best friend I can't stay away. I wore this acid washed denim gym bag from Urban Outfitters and got creative and wore some of my HICKIES.COM elastic shoelaces as bracelets pretty cool, denim rip jeans from H&M with multi colored socks and my wing tip Doc Martens with Hickies blue and white elastic laces.

"What I Wore"
Floral Printed hat- Chucks Originals
Wooden Glasses-
Denim Button Up- Levis
Acid wash Denim bag- Urban Outfitters
Doc Martens

Photo credit: WWW.ZHETUT.COM


  1. Denim on denim. Great laces.

  2. Your blog was fascinating. I really enjoy denim myself and always love connecting with other denim aficionados. Are you familiar with I stumbled across it fairly recently and considering our shared interest in denim and fashion think that you might like it as well. In the meantime I will check out some links mentioned in your blog.

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes