The Rebirth

I know I know it's been forever. Yes I have been saying that a lot lately. It's crazy how I've been in and out of focus with life and let alone blogging, we all have these moments in our life where we get unfocused guess I had mine so much has happen in the past eleven and half months since I moved to New York but I'm back and I can honestly say that now. 

I wanted to kick off my day with wearing my new SS14 Bernhard Willhelm multicolored sneakers, Thank you definitely will be shopping more online now.
) I'm such a big fan of this amazing collaboration between the two brands. I decided to keep it simple and comfortably today with my look today. I wore an army fatigue bucket hat with a little pocket detail on the front of the hat which I got at and this multicolored card holder necklace from favorite korean brand I love. I
 also wore an white short sleeve button up I got at thrift store with this light blue denim jacket. I guess fatigue was my go to pieces for the day as you can see. 


Bucket Hat - Century 21
Denim Jean Jacket- J brand
White button up- Thrifted
iPad case- Ecoalf
shorts- Thrifted
SS14 Bernhard Willhelm Campers-


  1. Hey,
    who takes your photos?

  2. Brilliant shoes!!!!!!!