Askia Takes On #NYFWM Day2

Hey guy's

Now let's get into my Day 2 look of New York Men's Fashion Week. With this look which was one of my favorite during that week, I wanted to take a walk down memory lane and also add in some new creative ideas I've been wanting to try, seeing that it is fashion week.

Here the dish on one of my favorite looks from Men's fashion week New York. I pull inspiration for this look from a few places to be honest. I looked back on my last fashion week looks and also a time when I played around with patterns, and I took a few pointers from Dries Van Noten men's spring 16 collection. 
I wanted to do a whole print on patterns look just for the shows I attend that day I thought it would fit best really for Gypsy Sport Presentation but I had a few shows before and didn't want to change.

I went with this white circle shape short sleeve button down but I didn't wanna button it so I made seem as if it was a wrap shirt which worked pretty well after I tuck it and I wore these white lined shorts. I thought this setup would work well as a stand alone look but I never actually took the black coat off.
Let's see I also wore this "Tres Cool" H&M leather tote and got really creative and cut the toe off my socks to make it look as if my feet were wrapped which work well with my dr martin sandals I got from SoleStruck. I got the sock idea from just playing street fighter and watching ballerina videos of them wrapping their feet and thought it was cool.


Eyewear- Aldo
Tote bag- H&M
Full look- Thrifted
Sandals- solestruck

Photo Credit Alexis Noelle Barnett , Lee Myoungsoo

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