Falling For You

This is actually my first fall in New York and I'm loving every minute of it. For my look I wanted to be some type of dressed up but still comfortable but fashion forward, I had a Salvatore Ferragamo (one of my favorite designers) watch preview I was going to.

"WHAT I WORE" was my flip shade glasses with this sheer tartan printed scarf. Tartan ( plaid ) is one of my favorite prints to wear which is a little crazy cause I was a big fan of print. I also wore this creamish white roll neck shirt ( a big trend for men this fall can be worn with just about anything good for layering ) which I pieced with a tartan vest. Now I am a coat lover and I love trenches that's why I went with this wool camel overcoat which can be worn in so many different ways. I chose to just wear it it's actually way to cold out for the over the shoulders. ( another big trend for fall is the camel overcoat for men ) My accessories gold chain and gold rings. also been wearing this fossil IPad case as a clutch and I wore a tan and navy blue belt and these dark denim Super drain low waist extremely slim leg pants very comfortable and easy to wear and also ankle boots.

Flip Shades- street vendor
Tartan Scarf - Thrifted
Tartan Vest - Thrifted
Roll Neck long sleeve - Gap
Camel overcoat- Thrifted
iPad case/ clutch- fossil
Watch - Timex
Gold bracelet- Aldo
Ring- H&M
Belt- H&M
Pants - H&M
Boots - Thrifted

Photo Credit: Zhetut.com


  1. no words can describe the pride i feel right now. *tears* love u lil bro

  2. Literally been away from your blog for a second & now you just get all amazing on me times 10 this is a wonderful outfit I'm a fan of course