Tumblr x Hickies

So today I woke up super early, something I haven't done in forever. I was attending the Hickies Holiday menswear informational breakfast held at the Tumblr headquarters. If your not familiar with Hickies. Hickies is an elastic lacing system that replaces traditional shoelaces and lets youeasily slip in and out of your shoes while keeping them snug and secure. They also come in 16 colors with 2 units being of an different color. I got to meet a few menswear bloggers as well and also the founder of tumblr Valentine Uhovski. OMG!! I even got to taste these amazing doughnuts called Glazzants which were flown in from Grand Junction, Co from a bakery called Raise n' Glaze I had the chocolate glazed with strawberry jelly not a big fan of chocolate like that but I LOOOOOVVVVVVEEED IT!!!! Definitely I to find this place in New York. 

Thanks for inviting me HICKIES.
You can also get you a pair of Hickies.com use my discount code " LIFEANDFASHION " tell them Askia sent you.


  1. OMG You got to hang out with two of my fav bloggers Closet Freaks & Daily Mister


  2. Yeah I actually didn't know them until that day they were pretty cool and stylish as,well