Color Me Street

The continuation of my last post "CITY VIEW" shooting HICKIES lookbook featuring the new all lime green elastic laces.
With this look I wanted to get back into colors. I feel bright poppy colors have taken over fall and also still going to be really big come spring/summer.
I WORE a red beanie with this multicolored stripe shaped button up also I pieced it with a light denim vest which you can't really see under a bubble kind of windbreaker jacket and also added a few pines. I use to collect them way back when. wore some rude denim black jeans and bright multicolored Adidas. 

Red Beanie
Stripe Shaped Color Button Up Thrifted
Bright Yellow Windbreaker Thrifted
Denim Vest Levi
Rude Black Denim Jeans Hottopic
Adidas Bright Sneakers 


  1. I love all the colors of the outfit :)

  2. You're really great at styling yourself and staying true to your aesthetic!