Cres.E.Dim F/W 2014

Lets jump into the future with this futuristic collection from Cres.E.Dim one of my favorite Korean designers since I laid eyes on the collection a few season ago. Kim Hong Bum always knows what to give me when I'm looking for something HIGH-END but still allowing a sense of versatility for STREET-STYLE.

The collection was inspired by Alvin Toffler's 1970 book " Future Shock" I actually have to go and read the book hope it's amazing as the collection is. Just look at the the futuristic detailing in the coats and the sliver/gold plated loafers and booties. Kim never fails in the ready-to-wear department, definitely can see tones of fashionista's and fashionisto's wearing each and every piece from this collection this fall. Great presentation as always KIM..

Took a few Selfies since you guys haven't seen much of me lately :)

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