Day two : #5days5guys1item

I guess you can say this style challenge is coming along well. I'm actually enjoying it so far , even though I keep hitting the twelve o'clock mark. Smh! I gotta do better.

Skipping over to my second look of restyle these Tartan pattern trousers I purchased at outlet. (They were actually a good find & especially on a 50 cent day. If your a thrifter you know what I mean.) I wore well I started off with no hat, it's been so long since I went without wearing a hat in public just can't see myself with out one but clearly some how I slipped back on this Forever21 pork pie style hat. My whole consisted of more thrifted pieces also from Park Ave Thrift you can clearly see it's one of my favorite thrift stores. I pieced of my look with a camel wool coat I've been wanting one forever with this soccer tshirt which has all kind of symbols on it. I wanted to go for a more causal cool like playful look reason why I wore Jamaican color brown gum sole nikes.

Shot by Terrance Crowley

Hat - Forever21
All other pieces- Thrifted

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