It has been so long since I took a trip anywhere and I already said to myself first time I leave GA. i'm going to New York and I did just that. I was overly excited just to be in a new city let alone one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. I took advantage of going everywhere I can. My first stop was Uptown Harlem where I was staying. I actually really loved Harlem it's so nice and calm and also not to far from the city, which I thought was amazing because back in GA. I live so far from the city :( lol. Anyways back to New York I had the best Tour Guide a good man by the name of John Woody. He took me all over nyc just to name a few of places. I got a chance to see Time Square, got to go to The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). I saw tones of beautiful paintings, all kinds of different art sculptures and also artsy videos. I got to go to The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) which I fell in love with omg. it is so amazing just seeing all the different cultural exhibits and also all the other exhibits they have. I also got to go to mood ,central park,I walked the Brooklyn bridge. I got to see Miuccia Prada Great Gatsby display of flapper dress's for the big blockbuster movie before before I left which was in Prada. I got to really just experience most of the city of NY for once I felt like a tourist lol. I really enjoyed my stay in New York I will most definitely be back.

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