"NEO-GRUNGE" Trend Spring 2013

 Time to wash your flannels! After seasons of neon hues, prints, peplums, and other 80s-esque trends flooding the runways and streets the nineties have been making a steady comeback into mainstream America. For spring 2013 the look is losing its glam-grunge aesthetic that its built over the years and recalling a time when it was effortless only now it's grown-up, and somewhat calculated.

 DRIES VAN NOTEN Spring 2013 RTW Collection 

  Dries Van Noten visited the neo-grunge look when they did their take on plaids and gave them a pajama like look/feel to play up the carefree silhouettes of the nineties. While still having the signature "layered look" of grunge Van Noten kept it light and feminine but still kept the rebellious edge that makes grunge a go to look for a rebellious fashionista. What I most love about the collection is that the idea of grunge and these pieces can be carried over to Fall 2013 with ease.

 3.1 PHILIP LIM Spring 2013 RTW Collection 

  3.1 Philip Lim's collection took a very head on commercial appeal to what grunge looks like while adding newly found trends to the mix to classify these pieces as "Neo-Grunge". Keeping up with the idea of layers and flannel Lim also celebrated the graphic t-shirt look that was almost synonymous with the look in the nineties giving a very nostalgic feel to some of the collections pieces. What I love most about this collection as stated above is that while these looks play up to grunge they've mixed trends and that's what makes this collection so great. Like the sheer legged black overhauls on the far right and as well as the pairing of the floral silk motorcycle jacket on the far left that makes the very definition of "Neo-Grunge".

HOUSE OF HOLLAND Spring 2013 RTW Collection 

  House of Hollands take on grunge was a less minimalistic approach compared to other collections shown from the above designers. Holland featured prints, small scale prints of florals, and tie-dyes which still gives a very big ode toward nineties classic grunge. To me what most defines Hollands collections as "Neo-Grunge" is the silhouettes and the styling, which is another article itself. This is a great way to add some color and FUNK! Have fun don't be so literal. No rules that's what defines grunge.

 ACNE STUDIOS Spring 2013 RTW Collection 

  Acne Studios featured two looks in their spring 2013 collection that to me hinted at a new style or a way to interpret grunge. Grunge is usually associated with messy, rebellious and slouchy these two looks gave a soft romantic/feminine feel to the grunge look that we love so much. while still having a loose silhouette, graphic t-shirt, and the minimalistic style of the trend at hand I think this definitely plays into the "Neo-Grunge". It's okay to keep it clean and chic!

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