The New Versus Versace J.W. Anderson collection was definitely nothing but all edge! It was more then interesting to see the two designers come together and collaborate on the Resort 2014 capsule collection. With Versace Versus being nothing short of sexy and youthful, Jonathan Anderson as usual brought his sculptural, irony-laced, cold-like cool but funky design to Versace.

Trend play women: Structured and strategically
draped dresses and blazers, high slits, neck lines,
sleeveless arms, and hints of grunge,
cutouts, lace detail, leather detail, slashed trousers 

The British designer did an amazing job at staying true to himself while still giving you what we most love about Versace SEX. The collection being 
women and men you got to really see Anderson's aesthetic in the peekaboo waistlines, asymmetrical blazer, and the bright apron-style knits, I found these pieces to be very interesting, in my head it read "punk meets material girl in the 90s". Anderson also did a great job at what I also call the "Club Kid" meets  "The Matrix" look, with androgynous looks like crop tops, little black long sleeve dresses, bright knits with lace backs with ebony patent leather pieces and zebra print on the male models.
Trend play men: structured and tailored blazers and trousers,

A lot of the men clothing shown on the runway to me were very wearable in my eyes with proper styling. People(specially men) tend always think you have to wear a look right off the runway and you don't. Even with the crop tops you can actually wear them with different under shirts and or buy them over-sized  to give it a grunge feel which is now on trend for spring.
Trend play:
bold basic colors, Black, Colbert, Fuchsia,
Yellow, and Orange  

With the long sleeve black dress you can add pants or shorts, which ever one you like to wear to give you a great wearable look as well. Anderson also added a lot of clean structured tailoring into the collection, a great example of this was with the all black leather detailed blazer you see on the male and female model , One of my favorite pieces.
Trend play:
patterns, prints, sleeveless arms, overalls,minis 


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