The Chaos Theory

Model Joan Smalls,
Burberry Prorsum fur top,
Etro skirt,
Chanel gloves (worn as leg warmers),
Burberry ankle boots
 Chaos theory is an interesting idea. The term implies disorder or lack of rules or randomness. As we commonly think of chaos, we might think of the behavior of an angry group or protesters trying to cause a ruckus, but this would not be true! Chaos theory as a name comes from the fact that the systems the theory describes (non-linear systems) would seem to be disordered or random or at least unpredictable. Chaos theory tries to find some underlying order in what appears to be random events or data.

 Now how we apply this to fashion is simple, since the debut of Lady Gaga in early 2009 to the music industry with her euro-pop EDM infused sound and her very STATEMENT making fashion sense, fashion had taken a dramatic turn into architecture, colors, prints, and sexuality(often used to tackle social awareness/commentary and political statements of the times) it had become ART!

 Many IT fashionistas and celebrities soon after followed suit with the budding fashion trend including stars like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and even Beyonce! With there wide spread influence over the fashion industry(or WORLD in general) it was impossible to get away from the over indulgent, IN YOUR FACE, brash, hyper-sexual, and unapologetic(yes it was meant to be a Rihanna reference) fashion that had become bigger than life. Yes I know what's coming next "But what about Madonna and Grace Jones? They did this in the 80s!", and you would be correct but the fashion industry never experienced such a huge commercial high and hitting as I noted with mainstream America like THIS. Dressing over the top now wasn't only for a select group anymore, everyone was joining in(YES even YOU! Lol).

Now lets get back to "Chaos Theory",  just like the term and actual idea of the theory everything has a cause an affect, with fashion overrun with all kinds of antics the idea of "doing to much" simply got OVER exposed and played out, the shock value had left somewhere between the end of 2012 and now(2013). People simply started looking for easy, simple, and clean looks that can be translated better throughout everyday life. With a whole new crop of fashionistas and fashionistos( yes you ASAP Rocky) looks have harkened back to European chic/90s revival/minimalistic trends. While we still see ruminants of crazy print on print mixing in today's spring collections and on red carpets it's featured on much more toned down pieces(such as traditional shaped pants, shirts, skirts, and dresses). Fashion is also now taking on more dark undertones with whites for spring and fall this year.

 Only time will tell how long this subdued, slightly less glamorized, modern, & 1990s throwback fashion will go on but we are definitely experiencing a SHIFT in fashion at the moment. With our  favorites(Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj) trading in their usually "out there" fashion antics for a more refined, clean adult looks(well for them at least) it's now an interesting time to say which way fashion swings next! Because as you know in fashion "One day your in and the next day your out!"

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