Jean Gritsfeldt "Divine caviar" A/W 13-14

One Ukrainian designer that is definitely on the rise and is someone to watch for Jean Gritsfeldt. His new A/W 13-14 collection called "Divine Caviar", which "represents the idea of human being is God's creation as his divine caviar."The collection took eye-catching photographic images of Snakes, Venus fly traps, Octopuses, and Flowers to create a beautiful array of mirror printed imagery on both male and female pieces which I love a lot because I'm a big print person myself. Loved how he took feminine pieces and made them look very masculine on some of the male models. I feel a lot of designers are trying to master this but from the looks of it he seems to get it right. Something else I found interesting was the seafoam green colored velvet dress worn with a distressed black fur coat loved it, you don't really see seafoam green in many Autumn collections. Definitely would love to see more from this exciting and unique designer in future.

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Behind the scenes video: Viktor Bakin

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