Last night was a pretty ok night. I honestly chilled all day researching designers and emailing photographers, I wanna start shooting a lot more. Back to my night me and a few friends of mine decide to go out last night to Gallery bar but we were down in the basement for AXM FRIDAYS if your in New York it's definitely a nice little artsy spot over 120 Orchard Street nice crowd and music. The event featured two amazing artist one by the name of Vito Nicholas and I'm sorry but I didn't remember his name but his Art was amazing. They also had a performer as well a rapper by the name of Leon Marin ( ) I actually loved each song he performed and even his introduction freestyle at the end of his set.

I wore my wide brim hat. It's actually been a good min since I've worn my hat it's just been so hot and I wore block pattern print black and white button up and leather short and pants combo and wing tip dress shoe's and I also carried a portfolio bag from Zara


  1. Love this great post! And amazing outfit

  2. Next outfit inspiration. Love

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