Today's new Blog Feature is on German designer Florian Wowretzko. A designer I've been friends with on facebook since I've started styling but I didn't really take eye to him until last year once he drop his Ecce Homme f/w menswear collection, if you seen it and you follow my style you know it's sooooo man love it, but we aren't here to talk about that collection I got the scoop on Wowretzko SS14 collection called " BURNOUT " .Which again I am in love staying to to his to himself with the leathers and the over size pieces and also tights  and colors, but let me stope talking and get to the interview.. 

 First off let my readers know who you are?

My name is Florian Wowretzko and I’m a german Fashion designer.

When did you realize you wanted to become an designer and how long have you worked as an Designer?

Well, I always wanted to be an Artist. Art was the place where I truly shined. No matter if it was painting, sculpture or music; it always felt really good. But when you’re a kid, you do it for fun. You enjoy spending countless hours on paintings. You think it will always be a hobby. So far, I couldn’t imagine making money with it. When I was around 13 I started to sew in class. It’s not like I haven’t been sewn before, but now it was with a sewing machine. And to be honest – I hated it, my teacher knew I hated it, so we both hated us. But somehow I wanted to create what I have in mind and you just can’t cross the river without going over the bridge – in other words: if you want to make clothes you gotta know how to sew a garment. So I did and in the end it worked. I wasn’t considering making full looks or collections by that time, it was just what I needed to receive what I want. Later I did an internship at a local Designer and from that point I really took the job as a Fashiondesigner in consideration. Before I thought I’m going to study Graphic design or Photography, but now it’s been really 4 years I’m doing it. And so far, I’m feeling very comfortable with what I do and where it takes me.


 What's your favorite part about conceptualizing a design?

To find out what Garment I would really want to own. Something, maybe new and different, or something really seen before, just with a little twist. And of course starting with fabrics. I’m obsessed with fabrics.

why did you decide to name your collection " BURNOUT"?

It’s because of what’s behind the whole Concept and Idea. With this collection I was thinking about a destroyed land or city, something after a war or a apocalypse. The very idea started when I was shooting a Story for Vaga Magazine with Hadar Pitchon. We set up this fogmachine and literally the whole idea came together from nothing. We we’re thinking about this destroyed kinda mood, something dirty and dusty, a warrior kind of look; but always keeping it what my aesthetic is all about: contrasts. So it’s a play with black and white, clean and dirty, hard and soft, shiny and matt and of course masculine and feminine. So I was thinking about this current life we’re all living, full of informations and hectic. Certain aspects of life that can be called “Burnout”, you just have enough and you want to escape to another word. And this idea isn’t very new, like the Alice in Wonderland fairytale or the Cinderella story; it’s all still there. We all need a little break and go on vacations before we burnout, or we just need a new start of life and get rid of our past – that’s why many people are cutting their hair off after a long bad relationship. So I go from that kind of idea and manifest it with a literal idea of fire and protection, or simply: that’s all you got and it’s all that’s left after a fire. And it must be so hard if you lose all your belongings after a fire. So that’s where the idea is from: it’s the fire and the psychologically related disease nowadays. It’s a Spring Summer Collection, so I took some references from ancient Egypt and a desert to get that kind of feeling and surrounding.  Models that look like they were working underground in a colliery, walking through a pyramid or a Pharaohs grave. Somewhere through dust and smoke. I always use references from Religion for a particular design, also seen in this collection. Skirts and Longshirts, also dresses and a lot of slits. I also get inspired by Horror Movies, something sweet and scary; yet beautiful and light.

 What's your favorite piece from the collection?


What are some new projects coming up for your brand?
I got a few, but nothing is totally confirmed, so I’ll let you stare on that.
where do you see your brand in the next five years?
I’m only thinking 6 months ahead. I can’t imagine what’s coming in 5 years. I did when I was a kid, but all I ever dreamed of never came true; instead I’ve reached even better things.


 Can you give a few words to upcoming designers?

I’m still one of them. I’m also reaching out for the stars. I just have to say that you gotta be super ambitious, super determined other than that please safe your dollars. You will have to give everything up to get what you want. EVERYTHING. And if you’re in the awareness that you’re sticking to your family, friends, hometown, language etc.  you better not start it! That’s my advise, that’s how far I can tell from my experience. 

 Florian Wowretzko 
Spring Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook BURNOUT 
Photographer Maximilian Kamps 
Location Speicher 7 Hotel Mannheim 
Hair Alexander Pressler 
Makeup Seniz Tuli 

You can find Florain Wowretzko
facebook: www.facebook.com/Florian-Wowretzko
website: http://florian-wowretzko.com