Living as a New Yorker I find myself having to fill my pockets or even find a bag to put all my belongings in. I am person that just grabs and goes but living in New York, well in Harlem it's like a 20-30min train ride to the city so I can't really run back and fourth so I tend to have to carry a bag with me everywhere I go AND I just hate carrying the same bag. I came across these amazingly affordable illustrated tote bags on a website called Inverted Commas I thought the bags very chic, fashionable, and artsy definitely for a man or woman on the go who wants to add a quick piece of flair to an already great outfit! I got quick Q&A about the brand check out what they had to say below.

Tells us a little about "INVERTED COMMAS?"

INVERTED COMMAS was founded in the fall of 2011 in Florence and it is currently located in Paris. 
The main purpose was to create a place to share my personal art and make it reach more and more people. 
I work in very different areas, so I felt the need to find a vehicle to express myself. 
I chose "INVERTED COMMAS" because I'm the kind of person who says "in inverted commas" like a hundred times per day, obviously gesticulating too.
Our shop offers exclusive illustrations printed onto organic cotton canvas tote bags! 
The goal was to create a line that could mix art and mainstream, that’s why artsy illustrations find their home in common tote bags for a daily use. Unconventional tote bag designs add originality and colour to any outfit! 

What inspired you to create the Tote Bags?

Inspiration comes from my every day life, my personal experience and background. They're all like characters and players of my own world. I've always loved bright colors for my paintings, it has never been something I've thought about, those colors just come out from me in a pretty natural way. Fashion, photography, music...everything can inspire me. I think it changes with age, at same point of your life you realize there's something that doesn't touch you anymore the way it did, and now you're more curious about new things, and you're willing to discover them. 

Where do you see "INVERTED COMMAS" in 5 years from now?

 I hope INVERTED COMMAS will be pretty far! It's a project I do care about so I hope INVERTED COMMAS will finally find a proper place in the fashion world. I'm working on new stuff and I can't wait to finally show it!



  1. Love the second to last bag so cute!

  2. These are dope! I'd just be a little weary on how I'd pull this off! But I'm sure they'd work for u!