Lately everyone has been showing me so much love and support for living out my dream of being a stylist. It's somewhat like they actually believe me now that I really want to be a stylist since I've been in New York City doing new styling work like I've never done work before back in Atlanta (lol). I guess you can say it's "official" once your in New York City doing anything for the most part, which to me is insane but I guess if the shoe fits I'll wear it!I am forever thankful for everything anyone has ever done for me, and all the doors that have been opened for me.

I come across people everyday or in emails asking me for advice, people telling me they look up to all kind of things, life changing things! It's crazy cause never in a million years I thought I would be living this life. I was born in southeast San Diego where your successful if you actually just get out the hood. Most men, boys or however you wanna put it my age bracket are usually locked up, looked down on because of where they live, or worst dead! So just to have emails from people saying they look up to me and or just living their life vicariously through me is a honor and I thank god everyday for this blessing :(.


 On another not Let me stop and talk about what I really wanted to say because I can talk all day about the real life I lived, but I created this post because people are always making wardrobe stylist look bad like we're not important in this industry. People believe being a stylist is an easy task and that you essentially don't have to do anything but put clothes on models, have fun and go to parties/events etc. Just to let you know that's a job even in itself (LOL).

Your work load never stops being a tedious task there's no cut off time like a regular 9-5, a full time stylist is all about being on demand all the time! It really perplexes me when people say i don't understand hard work just because of the industry I'm choosing work in. One comment that got under my skin the other day was when someone said and i quote "I actually do more then you everyday at my job!". little do people know being in New York and living in atlanta as well is pretty hard with atlanta I lived in the country with no trains, and no bus stops I drove everywhere! Plus I had a job at he time and being a full time stylist at the time really was really overwhelming but I made it work. when it's actually something you want to do in life you make it work.


New york is a whole other ball game when it comes to being a full time stylist and people actually wanting to work with you, and working with other stylist on major editorials for big time magazines. It's very hard it's like everything you once knew is thrown out the window and now your nobody your really starting from the bottom up. While still fun and exciting because now you finally get to pull from designers you watch on TV everyday and your favorite celebrities wear, like Rachel Zoe, Kenneth cole, Calvin Kelvin, and Y-3 to name a few.

 No one knows about the in between of getting the clothing, putting together a mood boards, and sending it off to different magazines not knowing if you'll even be consider for the pull letter until they feel your work is up to part with what your requesting to pull. The next part is contacting all the showrooms and you may not even get to pull from them because the publication isn't big enough which sucks pulling garments is a whole world in itself it's like packing up your whole life and moving to another state but doing it all by yourself but on the packed D train or trying to catch the A, B, and C train before the take off and you get stuck in the doors with all these high-end designers on your back and in your hands(LOL).


I didn't mention walking in the hot sun during the summer (My current situation!) with 6 pound garment bags that stick to your skin and getting blisters on your hands from carrying pretty much an entire showroom in itself on your back!And that is only the first day of pulls when you have a full week and in between that your getting booked for other shoots, red carpets, and invites( I'm a blogger as well, so at the end of the day i'm switching lifes). Then you get to the shoot and have to deal with sooooooooo many personalities like the photographer that shoots only from one angle or one who shoots so fast that you didn't even get one good image , not to mention the make up artist that can't even do a nice smoky eye right(pet peeve of mine!), or the unsigned model who has done covers for Vogue well Vogue Italia online.


 It's just so much we as stylist have to deal with. Im doubling the apartment I'm staying in as my stylist studio so I have a bedroom and living too m full of showroom pulls I somehow get to the shoot with garments in tole! at the end of it all I have to pack up and do returns which is the part no stylist likes, back in the hot sun and on that packed D train running and getting stuck with garment bags that are now ripping because the wear and tear of just lugging them around the city that week. Fashion NEVER sleeps and stylist don't either! Wouldn't trade this experience for anything else!

Just a little of my work of my old work and some new....


  1. Love your journey thus far!!! New York City is meant for you! Can't wait to cross paths

    1. Thank kindly Joan this is where I wanna be in life

  2. This article is full of emotions. You give me motivation to follow my goals. For me the only rule is if you like what you do don't let people talk about it negatively.
    Have faith and continue you doing great :)

    1. Exactly!!! I'm honestly a person who really doen't care for what people say. It just made me feel some type of way when thy made it seem like I've been doing nothing my whole life and honsetly they know nothing about being a stylist a working stylist as that.. really means a lot to hear that love

    2. :) i waiting for your collection!!

  3. Great post! Motivation is key! Inspiring story for all of us who want to take the official step to be in any industry! Seems like you have a great group of family/friends who do support you & care dearly about you! So that should cancel out any negative comment made by someone. God bless!