I just had to talk about and let you guys see JUUN. J SS14 menswear collection. I have been running across his collection for the past week and I honestly only seen the white varsity jerseys but until today on tumblr I seen a few of the leather looks so had to take a look at the collection and fell in love. The Korean designer took the whole the high end street phenomenon to the next level with this bold androgynous collection taking us out of the norm for menswear. " The deconstructionist of menswear!" As he calls himself  gave us a variety of tops in colors like white, cream, marble, blue and cobalt blue and also a few leather tops that emphasized the controlled art of draping ( The detailing in this collection is amazing), paired with razor- sharp line tailored shorts and also pants. Juun even designed a tone of long trench coats and blazer as well getting us ready for the fall. A lot of these piece's can be broken up and worn separately.



  1. Love these jerseys!

  2. Probably one of my favorite collections now.

  3. are you now a runaway model? Omg. That's so amazing. How can you be on that brand's runaway. I mean, did you apply for it first or something? It would mean lots to me if you tell me about it, I really want to be a runaway model. But, unfortunately, I live in Indonesia and it's like my parents don't support me for being a model. I mean, if your parents support you for being a model. They'll help you to find an agent for you, put you in a school modelling, etc. But, I think I really have a passion on modelling. My height is 173cm. I'm sorry if I bother you or spam this post. You look absolutely stunning by the way! Xoxox

    1. Aww i'm sorry love but i'm not a model I just did a runway review on Juun.J collection but I created my blog to talk about my life and to talk about fashion as well as other things happening and my mine goal is to let people know not to give up on their goals of becoming who they want to be in life. all you have to do is work for it and it will come not right then but sooner r later but you should definitely go for it you honestly don't need class's to become a model if you ever have to pay for anything in modeling it's definitely a scam. All you need is faith and god and everything should come along together perfectly and thank you so much for the kind words :) hope all is well and enjoy ur weekend.

  4. i totally love their collection..