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Hey Guys…

With such great weather why not have a style post. With it being summer I just love being out and about at day parties, festivals , shopping etc you get the point. (lol) New York is one of the best places to be in the summer so many things happening .

What I Wore." I wore this kind of Zorro brim hat I got at a local costume shop back in Atlanta few years back. I also wore these gold frame cat eye shades I got in Union Square with a black tank top I got from H&M and also just in case it got cold seeing that the weather plays tricks sometimes in New York I wouldn't be cold, I also wore these nice ripped DIY levi jeans I got from one of my favorite thrift stores back in Atlanta Park Ave Thrift store and also these navy flip flops my mom bought home from work for me one day.

" What I Wore"
Hat- Costume shop
shades- street vendor
tank top- H&M
flannel- American Egale 
pants- levis
card holder- Cres.E.Dim
braceletes- HICKIES
Flip flops

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