E.Tautz Spring 15

Thanks to Patrick Grant I now have the perfect vacation collection. If you know me and see some of the things I post daily or even take a look in my closet, you would know that my style is kind of vacation travel and pretty much beach boy as well. This is why I'm such a big fan of women's resort collection but back to the collection.

This season Grant was playing no games when it came to E.Tautz SS15 collection. The collection started off with dark navy's and blacks which also had a white stripe pattern which I guess you can say is a trend for summer this season. It later broke up into two other color's like shades of tans and bronze (which I love!) and even a few other fabric like denim. He also incorporated some print as well! I can't forget about the amazing sneaker like platform sandals. He give us men a flamboyent twist which came off masculine with everything being so baggy but still yet tailored in clean wearable way.


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