Concept Korea Fashion Collections ss14

Concept Korea is a global fashion project launched in February of 2010 were the government provides support in order to widely publicize Korea's fashion culture throughout the world and to help Korean designers advance into overseas markets.

I attended The Concept Korea spring summer 2014 collections. Which showcased four amazing designers I have never seen before. (Cres E Dim a collection I've talked about before was apart Concept Korea last season (


 Nontheless the lights deemed and Lee Suk Tae set begins and the first model hits the catwalk wearing an white irregular cut blouse, white and white wedge heel sneakers. With the collection being called Kaal Eisukate the designer tells us " The collection was inspired by the bible phrase," The stone the builder rejected has become the corner store (psalms 118:22)" The collection features a modern and structural aesthetic.

The next collection came from Choi BoKo love love love this collection I am a lover of punk and editorial and that is just what it is. love everything from the exaggerated colors and patterns as well as the layering and heels amazed.

The next collection from Tae Young Ko called Beyond Closet came by a surprise it was menswear. Sad to say I didn't really cover a lot of mens presentations or shows but I will next season. The inspiration for this collection came from "working out in the gym. (interesting I can also see that) This transformation from a gaunt-like state to a more muscular, masculine appearance is represented though classic argyle patterns, and expansion go Beyond the closet's " Dog Series, "depicted through print's embroideries."

Park Youn Soo closed the show with his women's collection called "BIG PARK" another amazing printed and pattern collection. it was so many mixtures of print on pattern looks I loved. Park focused a lot on shape and form, and silhouette. The inspiration of the collection came a folk art painting depicting a free moving phoenix, juxtaposed against another paining featuring an inverted perspective of a bookshelf. It's always a joy to hear the inspiration behind an designers collection. I just love fashion!!

One of my favorite shows I attended this fashion week.

What are your thought's on Concept Korea Collections?