Fashion Shenzhen Spring 2014

Left two images: Ellassay by Guoxin Xia Spring 2014
Right two images: Denghao by Hao Deng Spring 2014
The scoop on Fashion Shenzhen Spring 2014 which I will be attending next year. ( I don't know if you viewed my post on Concept Korea spring 14 nyfw here it is again ). Fashion Shenzhen Made it's debut at New York Fashion Week this season, it's an multi-faceted event showcasing leading Chinese designers from Shenzhen, the third largest city in China, renowned for incubating Women Fashion Designers. Here's a little more info from the President of the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association  Madame Shen Yong Fang,

" We wanted to crate an platform that showcases the talent coming from our burgeoning region of Shenzhen, China. The opportunity to show during New York Fashion Week offers a unique international experience."
Kicking off the runway show was Guoxin Xia with The Ellassay Spring women's collection. The collection started off with tones of blacks and whites so simple but yet chic pattern's, and sheer dresses. With the first model wearing a black knee length blazer with a white collar and white cuff detail and a little leather clip with wrapping heeled sandals. The collection started to brake off into color some lights and some darks good spring I also see a few of these pieces coming into fall as well. My favorite piece was the Holographic strapless baby doll like dress and also the two tone sky blue and mint green dress as well. such an great simple collection still gives you prints but still clean looks.
It's no surprise to see that the Central Saint Martins graduate Designer Deng Hao won awards for her colorful cutting edge aesthetic of fanciful and imaginative knits, just look at this spring collection loved each and every piece that hit the runway from the short dresses to gowns and coats . It gave me such an South America feel or even South Asia from all the prints and colors. I loved that most of the collection had sheer pieces big fan of anything sheer. Just an amazing show.
I think this is an amazing thing what the fashion industry is doing in these countries, love seeing new amazing talent can't wait to see what the bring next season definitely a fan..
What did you all think of Fashion Shenzhen Spring 2014 collection?

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