Hamidou Abdoul Aziz " WHAT I WORE "

Today's " WHAT I WORE " Stylish Individual is Dapper Chic Hamidou Abdoul Aziz. 
Hamidou who goes by Sir Abdoul is from Togo and Niger but is currently living in Nantes, France. He is also a student and a lover of all thing s fashion. Check out his look below and details.
What I wore is this line pattern printed vintage vest. I love vintage pieces and I thought it would fit well with todays look, I also pieced it with a white long sleeve button up with tribal like print detailing on the collar and the cuffs I got at Zara with this little vintage bag I got at H&M and how can I forget my amazing loafers I also picked up from Zara to of my favorite stores to pick up a few classic pieces from. Also check out my home-made necklace and bracelets. I like to keep my style simple and clean but always fashionable.
I am a big fan of Paris street style and this dapper look is just that and the mixture of the prints and patterns with Abdoul look is everything. Love looks like these.
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  1. I love his style!! It's weird that i don't know him because i'm from Togo and I was in Nantes too. Checking his facebook I saw that we have some friends in common. Small world!

    1. Well I am glad I introduced you guys lol