Piece d'Anarchive

It's sportswear, street, chic and 90s all in one. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT Piece D'Anarchive Spring 2014 collection ( Sorry for that caps lock moment ). Just look at this collection everything screams 90s high-end street-chic and I love it. Sisters Deborah and Priscilla Royer inspiration for their spring presentation Paris Fashion week came from French Artist Jean Pierre Raynaud masterpiece  "La Maison."
 Deborah saids 
"We were thinking of the parallel between creating an actual house and a fashion house."

The sister's were right on from the images I saw from the house it self, From the blacks, whites, even the structure of the pieces were amazing loved the Grid patterns and all the square hole like skirts, pants . I love when people can bring such an edge and style be fashion forward just amazing. loved the knits and a few of the oversized shirts and kilts and also love love love Dr Martens and the platforms with the grid detailing, such a new age 90s twist genus and also I love that they added a few mens pieces making this a mens and women's collection even though I still would have wore everything from this collection. (lol) check out more images below of the collection and tell me your thoughts on Piece D'Anarchive Spring presentation...


  1. This collection is sick!! Why have I never heard of them?!

  2. Amazing pieces reminds me of Alexander wang