Photographer Eleet Frames

On my trip back to Atlanta this past month I was nothing but busy from getting things together for shoots in New York to even finding a photographer to shoot while I was in Atlanta and still busy the day of my shoot with Photographer Eleet Frames. I had an hour window open to do whatever so I called up Eleet and was on my way. The shoot starting off a little slow cause I had to get into it and clear my mind from thinking about everything going on for the next few weeks shoots, new features, fashion week omg!! It was going to be a crazy week ahead of me and plus I'm nobody's model. (lol) Nonetheless with a little music and a few of Eleet corny jokes (lol) I was ready to shoot. It's always a joy to work with Eleet if you click the home tab on my blog and look at my "My Life & Fashion " banner you can view my last shoot with Mr. Eleet but who cares about me talking check out our recent shoot together below.
More images coming soon!!