Chelsea Bravo Dysfuction Collection

The other night me and a good friend mine Raymond Gee (Styling and Starving ) came across menswear designer Chelsea Bravo's new "DYSFUCTION COLLECTION" I was so amazed by her first collection I had to feature it on " My Life & Fashion". The collection is very geometric and Central Africa inspired, this is right up my alley I love each and every piece of this collection it's not very colorful nor is it very printed like most African collections you see now. I love that she went with colors like beige, cream, grey and white. Chelsea gave us something very traditional and still modern and fresh. I can see a lot of men now wearing a few of these pieces like the jump suits, crop like coats and a few of the tops. Definitely want all 3 hats, the beige and white jumper and the grey and cream coat crop top jacket also. Love the collection Chelsea can't wait for the next one!

What are your thought's on the collection?


  1. Actually love this entire collection!

    1. Yes me too I am in love with everything. It feels so simple but fashion foward.