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PRESS! PRESS! PRESS! It's that time of the season for New York where all the emerging designers are putting their final looks together on their collections. Which means for me new pulls and also new content for " My Life & Fashion.

I attended Showroom New York "Made In New York" Showroom Launch event. It's always good when your invited by the designer to attend a preview of their collection rather then the showroom but it is still always good either way.
Anvy spring collection was definitely a go for this season gave me kind of a sporty feel but very fashion forward and simple at the same time. Love the whole dark feel of this collection with just a hint of color and also print and favorite pieces were the sheer printed like crop top and matching printed shorts. I didn't get a lot of picture's of the clothing but she also had pants, leggings and also a maxi dress. Thanks so much for the invite Anvy love the collection definitely will be contacting you for future shoots.
For more info and also more on Anvy collections be sure to check out here website below  
Mary Lai Handbag collection was amazing I actually fell in love with every bag from the signature hearted detail shape ESSEX Cluctchs (which I found out the heart is actually two leopards kissing so genus I would have never thought that but looking back you can act kind of see the ears a little but love it) also one of my favorite bags her award winning "DITA" Shoulder Bag. Just get into to the python leather and the Zebra print so high end and made well love it a must have for the fall ladies good statement piece and few other bags from her collection which are must have's as well is her Jayel Crossbody Leopard bag and the leopard Evie Wristlet also genus I know a tone of people who would be in love with wristlet so easy to get around with. Also men she didn't forget about us the Canvas tote is made just for use love that she put her signature logo on it as well, it's also a crossbody bag as well. Thank you Mary for this amazing handbag collection.
For more bags, styles and info on Marylai NY be sure to click her website below 
Rebekah Ryu also showed me both her fall and spring collections. starting with her first fall collection she wanted to keep it really minimalistic but still with a little edge as you can see with some of the dresses she kept the color for fall really black, and grey. Moving to her new spring line which I thought was very different from the fall. Ryu give ladies a nice soft and feminine touch with these peachy and nude like colors and also this nice like python kind of print on the romper and dress, skirt loved all the pieces. I know I will see a tone of fashionista's in this spring collection.
For more info and images of the garments be sure to check out her site
Had a little moment. I don't a full length mirror anymore so I had to get one picture in the showrooms mirror.
I actually finally got to meet celebrity designer Nike Oyelami . I actually love her collection because of the prints and now meeting her makes me love it even more she's such a down to earth person but back to the collection. I love the bright colors, the body fitting dresses, crop tops and prints easy everyday wear with edge.
check out her website for more info and styles
Piccolo New York is a sister duo that makes nice printed and kind pattern cashmere scarves. Fall is here so contact Piccolo NY for one of their amazing chic, playful and refine scarves.
 Claire Bee
Claire Bee spring collection was interesting her inspiration for her collection came from nature from the tree's and leafs which is pretty cool. I can see her inspiration though all the detailing in her collection from the fabric to the cut outs and the design of her clothing. Amazing collection Claire.
For more info be sure to check out her website
What did you all think of the few collections at showroom New York?

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