Vans OTW 2013 Holiday Prelow " Leopard Camo "

I got my Vans on and they actually look like sneakers. Coming from California I have always been a really big Vans head but I kind of shied away from them over the recent years something more in my teen years but now they are back with a new style of shoe which also is a big trend in men and women shoe's the running shoe. I actually think I will be getting these I have been looking for a good fashionable comfortable sneaker since I'm this big New Yorker now I think the OTW Vans Prelow " Leopard Camo " running shoe is prefect and it's a how new silhouette for Vans I think this shoe will be big for the brand. It also comes in Blue, orange and olive colorway as well definitely a must have for the season.

What do guys think of the shoe?