Cold & Styling

Today's look I didn't wanna be to layered cause I was doing returns and kind of walking the city sometimes I get really hot and even tired fast and yes I said I get hot even though it is very cold. What I wore was a scarf from Urban Outfitters watch I actually can't stop wearing lol, I also wore my favorite denim trench I picked up from Value Village another one of my favorite thrift stores in Atlanta. In a few other pictures you can see my kind draped shirt from Asos's and my watch is from Timex nice like fall piece I can easily wear with anything which I love. I also wore these snakes skin Zara Basic pants which are from Beacon's closet a thrift store here in New York, I went to the one in Willamsburg  they have tones of great pieces and I also wore my wing tip Dr martens.


SCARF: Urban Outfitters
Denim Trench: Thrifted
Draped shirt: ASOS
Watch: Timex
Pants: Zara
Shoe's: Dr Martens