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Ladies today I wanted to give you guys a Boutique feature a lot of women are always asking where can they go shop for new fashionable pieces to add to their wardrobe but not pay a arm and a leg just to get it and I thought Luxe Boutique would be the perfect feature.

Luxe is a chic women's apparel boutique located in the Halsey Street Village of Newark, NJ and it's also an online store as well ( It features high quality contemporary designs from verity of designers for the smart, sophisticated and confident woman of all sizes.

Here are a few pieces you can find at Luxe Boutique.

Like these laces tops watch comes in a few colors and even in peplum.
Also this one piece jump suit with cut outs, also comes in a few colors and long sleeve as well.
These nice maxi's and gown like dresses.
Yes ladies I know it's fall and the weather has kind of been a little off but Luxe also has full knee high dresses with sheer cut outs and even off the shoulder dresses. you can always add some tights under the red leather skirt and also the pencil skirt as well.
Maxi's skirts are definitely in this fall so pick one of these bohemian printed one's up from Luxe and layer it up with a few of her lovely coats as well.
Luxe also has printed dresses and leggings if your more of print person like myself some great dresses here.
Luxe also has many different style of designer Heels and other shoe's and also handbags. If your in Jersey definitely make a stop by Luxe Boutique and also there online store for more looks.

Luxe herself wearing some of the pieces from her Boutique. This woman is also so chic and fashion forward. It was great meeting the other day.

Twitter @Luxenewark
Instagram @Luxenewark

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