A feature that has been long over due. One of my top favorite Atlanta menswear designers Drea Will of New Apparel Co has released her new men ss14 collection " Who Is John Mac " and it is my life I love each and every piece from this collection from the oversized T-shirts with the New Apparel Co stamp at the bottom, to the prints, shapes and colors she used for the collection just amazing. I love when designers think outside the box when it comes to menswear this is what I'm here for. I also got the scoop on the collection from Drea herself check out my Q&A below and also more images of the collection.

Lets start off by telling my readers about New Apparel Co?
New Apparel Co. is a contemporary menswear brand based in Atlanta, Ga. We have been in business for about three years and maintain our focus on creating quality garments for the cool, sporty gentlemen.
What is the Inspiration behind the ss14 collection?

The inspiration for our S/S '14 collection "Who is John Mac?" Is derived from the eccentric internet tycoon John McAfee, creator of McAfee antivirus software. Most recently a fugitive from Belize where he was "a person of interest" in the murder investigation of his neighbor, John McAfee releases damning evidence of corruption within the Belizean government while blogging on the run. This collection uses bright and bold tropical colors, a combination of floral camo prints and unconventional aesthetics while capturing the laid back comfortability of the coolest, most intriguing man on the run.   
Do you prefer Sketching designs or actually constructing them?
I enjoy both sketching and construction and they are both necessary for me but I don't actually do full sketches. I'll have an idea of what I want and  if it's a top, I focus on that alone rather than putting it on a body. I just do a quick sketch to get the idea so my sketchbook is full of floating sketches so to speak. I love the process of construction as well. I enjoy fabric and notion (buttons, zippers, etc) hunting so seeing it all come together is very rewarding.   
How do you select the models that represent your brand?

The models chosen to represent the brand must have a natural swagger. Overall we love the manly men but the model look we choose for a collection really depends on the concept of that collection.
What is your favorite piece from your collection?

If I had to choose a favorite piece from this collection, I'd have to go with the royal "Groucho" (disguise) vest because of the mesh over satin "glasses" detail. It's hard to tell in photos, but all of the fabrics used are of a different texture.
How would you define the style your line exemplifies?

I would say the line represents a unique level of cool. We create timeless pieces that have a tasteful amount of detail that comes off as very organic.
What are your favorite Fabrics you work with?
I love to work with all different fabrics depending on the concept. I tend to try new fabrics from collection to collection just to refresh the brand each season. For this collection, I enjoyed playing with the mesh for accent detailing and a very soft cotton silk that we created a "tropical" camo print for.
Will you ever design a women's collection?

I look forward to designing a women's collection soon after establishing New Apparel Co. in the menswear industry. We're big on staying true to the identity of the brand so we want to focus on one genre at a time.

 Photographer Faisal Mohammed
Designer Drea Wills
Male Model Daniel McGraw
Female Models Ashley Ozel , Raven Rabia
Can you give a little advice to aspiring designers?

I would let aspiring designers know that this is a long road and you must have patience and be willing to invest in your brand. You get part-time results for part-time work so you have to be able to multitask and discipline yourself. Choose a concept for your brand and ride it out regardless of what everyone else is doing.
Where do you see New Apparel co 5 years from now?

Five years from now, I see New Apparel Co. still producing menswear collections while beginning to fulfill some other goals we have in mind for the company. We are definitely interested in joining the fabric/textile industry under the same name and eventually turning New Apparel Co. into a vertically integrated corporation. 
Just an amazing collection looooovvvvveee the use of the prints and patterns together greatt touch, also men these are definitely wearable everyday pieces here. Drea never fails to amaze me she always stays true to who you are and what you want to do. Also proud of you showing at New York Fashion Week congrats.
 Photographer Faisal Mohammed
Designer Drea Will
Male Model Daniel McGraw
Female Models Ashley Ozel , Raven Rabia

Facebook: New Apparel Co.
Website: Newapparelco.com

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