The Museum Brunch Tour

" When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure you are always blessed in abundance. "

I recently had the chance to attend " The Museum Brunch Tour " hosted by Phylip Jones of Phylanthropic inc. A cause-marketing agency dedicated to supporting the welfare of individuals, businesses and non-profits through culturally stimulating branding and alternative fundraising ( . I was pretty much excited well on the inside (lol) cause I never really been on a tour before.The tour was held at The Metropolitan museum of art which holds a special exhibit from renowned American designer Charles James which is great I always love to see how designers come up with the idea's of some of their most Iconic garments. The exhibit itself is actually held in two sections of the museum the Greek and Egyptian wing two big favorite locations of mine in the museum so I was even hyped!
I also enjoyed the tour with a few other talented individuals and a few that I know from GA, like Mike O ( ) , Jovel & Kyrell ( ) and a few others such as stylist, photographers, socialites etc. Later after the tour we went for a little Brunch not to far from the museum itself at Sojourn NYC which I definitely will be trying again very soon such great food. I had the Croque Madame definitely fulfilling severed on toast with Gruyere, Canadian bacon with a sunny side egg with arugula salad and bottomless mimosas ugh!! So good. Also a few of us had the Almond crusted french toast with maple fennel compote blood orange which was also amazing… Just take a look at the images below and join us the next time such an great experience definitely would love to take part in the next tour.

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