Fake Socialite

A weekend I took a trip to Jersey with the bro-ham Roberto for a shoot he was doing. I guess you can say I've been assisting him to get him back into the groove of things. Nonetheless it was so nice just to get away and relax in a cabin on a lake. Going to Jersey actually made me miss GA just a little the road made me feel as if I was going back home. ( : ( ).

On this day I wore a leather fitted from a street vendor. I wear street vendors always come in handy when you wanna get some last min piece's for a look. Getting back to my look I wore this mesh hooded white crop top from Forever 21, over this unisex FAKE Socialite ( www.fsnyc.bigcartel.com ) baseball tee and some Adidas track pants and sneakers. All my accessories from the watch to the shades are from Fossil and Patricia Fields. I just noticed how chill I've been for the past few weeks.

" What I Wore "

Leather Hat- vendor
shades- Patricia Fields
Mesh top- Forever 21
Track pants- Adidas
Time piece- Fossil
sneakers- Adidas

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  1. I'm lovin' it! XOXO