Get The Shot

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.- Bill Cosby

Hey guy's hope you all have been doing well and enjoying your weeks and started your weekends of with a bang

This day I was just out in the village just spending the day with friends, after a great service as i was walking a notice a man in thr street with his dog taking photos and not paying attention to the fact that he was taking photos of me. ( things that always happen in the street of New York ). I tired moving to the side so he can get a better shot of me. lol

Thank you 
Steffen Hedlund

My look for the day consisted of wearing this black top hat I thirfted from Park 
Ave thrift store.One of my favorite places to thirft. 
I also wore my Cres E Dim leather necklace wallet and long sleeve 
Calvin Kelin button up, with a black 
& white tartan like lab coat from H&M and also these black leather ankle zipper detailed pants from H&M as well ,with wingtip dress shoes.

Later me and friends walked to the city just catching up and also talked about our futures in fashion and end our day at 
The Standerad 
Hotel rooftop at la bang.

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  1. That jacket is pure brilliance!