Keith Terrell: Desperado Collection

Let's take a look at Keith Terrell's new Desperado collection. This three piece collection is definitely a must have from the iPad case which I would personally wear as an clutch bag myself, and look at this cool little flask holder and also the wallet is great for the set. 

I always love to hear an little insight on a collection from inspiration to the chose of fabrics and I actually got a few interesting facts about the collection.


" The Desperado collection was thought of and created in June right as I found a place to live and sew after a 3-4 months hiatus. It represents a passing of troubled times not only from the 3-4 months of being "homeless" but from releasing myself from past relationships and finally being able to start new with no worries. To symbolize the passing I burned the fabric because I feel like my past has hindered me and weighed me down heavily within my personal and professional life. The three piece collection is created out of faux leather which is why I'm able to perform the burning technique. "

It's always so interesting to hear or see the inspiration designer's pull for their collection's. I love everything about it. My Life & Fashion is bald that you are back and even better and you bought this amazing three piece collection along with you. Keep up the great work man.

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What do you guy's think of the Desperado?

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