Feiyue ss15 preview

Let's fly forward with Feiyue, A new france shoe brand you all should get familiar with. I had the chance to attend the ss15 preview ( 8.05.15 ) yesterday at the Shoreham hotel which was amazing I got to see an earlier preview at the Project Trade Show but here I got an better look at everything. 

I was simply in love with the classic style Feiyue shoe. It's crazy how much I'm starting to get into simple things now, I mean look at it it just goes with just about anything  just simple casual fashion shoe. I also got to view some of their new styles such as mesh which you should already know I'm a fan of also get into these metallic gold,sliver and also just plain white and black dragon skin slip ons and sneakers ugh! Such a great idea the dragon skin slip ons were also a favorite of mine as well women always have the best picks sometimes. 

I was also a fan of the kids sneakers. My nieces would go crazy over these animal heads. Great styles here for the summer.
Getting to the Mens even though the women had some great styles the men had some as well, like the mesh which also can can turn into a slip on for easier access. We didn't get any metallics but we still got an dragon skin slip on in White and Black as well and Feiyue had many other shoe styles as well.
How do you guy's like Feiyue shoe's will you guy's be getting you a pair of these cool new causal shoe's. I definitely need me a pair. I wonder if they can save me a pair of the slip on's in a size 11 :).

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