" You gotta excuse the absence "(in my Charli Balitmore voice) The Grammy nominee Rapper and Song writer Charli Balitmore is back with her own recored label called BMB ENT. and also giving us a full set of music from her new mix-tape entitled " Hard 2 Kill ". You may remember her from the label Murder Inc Recored's ( Later changed to The Inc.) Featured on songs like " Down A** Chick " one of my favorite song " Down 4 you ". Nonetheless I attended the Artist  Private Listening party tonight at The Platinum Sound Studio Hosted by Editor in Chief of Hip Hop Weekly Cynthia Horner. As the party was starting to come to an end Charli came to the mic to share with us her new video for the single  BMB featuring TRICK TRICK who was also at the event as well. Check out the pictures I took and also the music video as well. I am excited for Charli Balitmore return to the rap game we have missed her we need her back in the game now to give a little of that old hard hip hop flow we all loved from her. Definitely well be getting this mix-tape loved each and every song on the album.

I wouldn't be the style and fashion blogger I am if I didn't tell you what Charli was wearing at her listening party. Charli has always been a big label fashionista since she has started her career. What she wore was a Givenchy silk satin crewneck poncho blouse with epaulet details and she also added a gold piece to the back of it shown in a pic above . She also wore some leather black shorts and Giuseppe Zanotti black/sliver/gold Metal Detail Leather ankle bootie with Chanel Accessories. I wish I would of got you all better pictures but it was a lot of people there and she was all over the place (lol) .

Charli Baltimore daughter Siaani wearing Liquid black Leather sheer cut outs dress. 

A few behind the scenes shot's from the shoot I assisted styled on for the Mix-tape.


Black Homburg hat
Gold chain : H&M
Snake Skin short sleeve button up : Thrifted
Long Sleeve Snake Skin button up : Thrifted
Snake Skin Skinny Jeans : Zara
Wing Tip Dress shoe's


  1. Her shoes looks amaze! And ur outfit is heaven!!

  2. Yes she always has on amazing shoe's. Also the day before she had on the fall Philip lim boots I blog about. Also when are going to run into each other one day. we are always in the same place's but never see each other.

  3. Omg she looks amazing!!! Yes for her shoes!!

    1. She beautiful and still looks the same and I loved them as well.

  4. Yess come they Charlie lol. She still looks amazing.