Oh Na Na What's Her?

 Rihanna is back and coming full force with her new Fall / Winter 2013 River Island women's collection. Ladies are you ready?! So you guys may not know but I AM IN LOVE WITH THE GOOD GIRL GONE BAD. Riri is letting you all know that she is not that flop artist you thought she would be from Pon the Replay she is an actually an artist and designer.

 Fenty's New collection is actually giving you that 90s high street feel with this one (pretty much one of the newest  and biggest trends this year .) she didn't bring some of the same looks from her recent S/S collection. The designer gave use full plaid pants and over sized coats which were plaid as well, leather, and A ton of camouflage and more leather.

 " I literally designed everything I want to wear,  exactly how I want to wear it." Rihanna said wearing one of her jean over alls crop top from her River Island collection. I love that Rihanna is on set directing most big fashion designers don't do that now a days.

 When we were thinking stripes were dead Rihanna brought them back and in a new color YAY!!! One for Riri (lol) and we all know there would be tons of crop tops some that have G4L going arcoss them, a many of the other pieces in the collection have the same logo on them as well.

She revealed some new undergarments with the collection so you won't ever have to say who is the designer or whats her name again? RIRI and also G4L is written all over them genius!

Nayasha Kusakina
Tati Cotliar
MilouVan Grossen
Ji Hye Park

Lachlan Bailey

Mel Ottenberg

Here's a few other piece's you didn't get to see.

The first Installation of Rihanna's 2013 collection will be available online and in stores on September 12 and followed by a second batch that's slated to be released in November 2013.

Ladies will you be picking up a few piece's from this collection?


  1. Replies
    1. yeah the last collection wasn't back but she came up and pushed the fashion this time around

  2. Rihanna has become quit the mogul. Love these pieces I'm a fan of this rather than the last collection

    1. yes she has and clearly she's not taking a vacation anytime soon

  3. Love this collection! One of my faves so far from her.

  4. Love this your one of my favorite New York blogger! Love your blog!

    1. really means a lot to me thank you so much