"I've been up all night, tryin to get that rich.... I've been WORK, WORK ,WORK, WORKING ON MY ................." I recently went back to Atlanta just to get some winter to clothes because I have decided to stay for the rest of the year. I've been getting a lot of work so why not :).. On my trip back to Atlanta I did nothing but work, taking care of emails for fashion Week and future shoots and also setting up shoots in Atlanta as well. It was actually fun going back for those few days seeing family and old and new friends. I met with a good friend of mine photographer Eleet to do a personal shoot for myself, which the images came out amazing loved them all. Seeing I never like any pictures from any of my shoots, I thought he did an amazing job of shooting me. I actually didn't stop there.


 I linked up with another good friend of mine photographer Sean Howard ( we have actually been trying to plan a shoot forever and we finally got one together Which was very last minute, the night before I left but the team we had was amazing one of the best teams by far I have worked with in Atlanta loved it. I pulled from a few of NYC Parsons designers who are amazing one by the name of Sohee Kim and the other Ivana Tso. My team for the night, model Stephanie Rogaczewski ( an amazing Brazilian/ German Model based in Atlanta, and Amazing Barber/ Hairstylist Darius Boone ( also based in Atlanta and Amazing Celebrity Make up Artist Desha Haye  ( ) it was a joy being around them all. Can't wait to see the images and for me to see them as well, here's a little behind the scenes from the shoot! 


  1. Great shot of you!
    Interesting usually not a fan of any work that comes out of Atlanta (fashion wise) besides music but that's a wonderful shot of u. And love how you dressed the model! Can't wait to see more

    1. I can totally understand your settlements about Atlantas fashion scene.... While I get what your saying I think it's unfair to say that about Atlanta specially since they have such a different art and fashion climate then most fashion cities.... I've traveled to Atlanta lots of times for business it has potential just needs the right back! But I do understand what you mean... I just think there needs to be talent as far as not just music to make a nice impact on the world and present class & sophistication when they enter the arena(the fashion industry). But I do love that shot of you Askia! And she's styled perfectly looks like a great team!

    2. You guys actually made some really good points and I agree with both. I actually started my career in Atlanta as a stylist. Atlanta actually has a lot of strong talented people in the fashion industry but people looking in on the outside and just more focused on the music and the whole reality tv part of Atlanta nothing else. Atlanta is actually I great city and has tones of potential for the for fashion. It's just not there getting the right education for fashion. This is a very interesting topic