Today's " WHAT I WORE " Stylish Individual comes from Jersey.
Check out Danielle Grey Feature Below.

Name: Danielle Grey
From: New Jersey 
Currently: living there. 
Occupation: Fashion Stylist & Blogger
"If you like my style or need a stylist you can find my info on my instagram @stylemegray. Also, check out my blog stylemegray.blogspot.com. "

What I wore is a white leather crop top from Nastygal. Cheetah vintage hot/bell pants I reconstructed myself ,paired with red two strap Zara shoes. Sunglasses are from Five Below, necklace from JCPenny, and rings from Forever21.

I loved Danielle outfit it's very summer time fun and I love love love a creative person and that she is. I came across her before on Fashionbomb daily her style is very Rachel Zoe inspired and I LOVE IT! Here is the link again to her blog check it out stylemegray.blogspot.com


  1. Hmmm interesting pants. Love the shoes though!

  2. Id have to agree as well very interesting pants. But I do love the overall look she's got going in great glasses