Today's " WHAT I WORE " Stylish Individual comes all the way from New Zealand. Check out Chin Tay Feature below.

Name: Chin Tay
From: Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Lived in Adelaide, Australia.
Currently Living: Auckland, New Zealand
Occupation: Dentist and blogger at FOUREYES ( ). 

What I wore this day was a hooded vest made of mud-dyed silk. The pants I am wearing are made of ramie, a fabric that was used by the ancient Egyptions to wrap mummies with. Both vest and pants are by Vietnamese-born Australian designer Alistair Tung. My shoes are Dr. Martens boots. I am unadorned with accessories. 

Loved everything about Chin Tay outfit from black mud-dyed silk vest and the ramie fabric pants and the fact that he is a Dentist is crazy. He is always so fashion forward and chic check out his lookbook ( ) . I also love the Egyptian culture everything about and I love that his pants are made out of fabric the ancient Egyptians wrap mummies in genius, So mummy chic I also get a Rick Owens feel from this as well. 

You can also check out Chin's Street style fashion Blog as well and also his other social networks to view more of his style.

Instagram: foureyesblog